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CLoudy and Master Jawagumah
Cloudy rips heavens gate
Cloudy 7
Cloudy on the moon
Cloudy on cloud 7
Cloudy and the posse
Cloudy lives on


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    In memory of professional Skateboarder

                           Wilko Grüning: 

                      9.6.1987 - 24.12.2014


You always said to me "Never give up ever, you can acchieve anything you want!". All you did for me, your friendship and support, your love and words still drive me, and i will try to make a difference down here till my last breath. See you up there!

                     Thank you for everything!

 Wilko (Beat named after him, used in Saturdance #51 - The original can be found in the Beat-Dimension)

Wilko was a soft soul, a musician playing real instruments like the Handpand of the above linked Beat, thats him playing, also Guitar, Ukulele and more. On the other side he loved electronical music intensely, without much clue how to produce it himself, just big interest in learning one day.

I started producing in 2013 on my own by the same big love, when he wouldnt yet get to produce himself by the busy lifestyle of a Pro-Skater: a lot of traveling around the world, trying to experience culture while delivering the best skateboarding challenged by his own talent pushing him to go for more, yet also under pressure pleasing sponsors. 

Wilko, as so many other Skaters ballance between pressure and freedom, between decisions of the present and future, while dealing with injuries when even smaller ones become so big by simply being around, troubeling the clear vision, letting doubts and fears squeeze in, when life distracts on top, through: financial pressure, through change, aging, losing and seeking - Wilko was a person of love.
And the most love he experienced with skateboarding and music.
Sound made him dream away, moments of escaping the manifested world into the world of a souls feelings, peace. If it was in the club, to sounds that just carry one away, or if it was playing similar melodies on his Handpan he always called "Hang" ("Hangdrum"). 

As i progressed in music producing, he anticipated my works more and more, until he totally hyped every one of my creations and took time to really listen to. He was the only person of my life who felt sound the way i feel it: We feel more than just music, but also the beauty of detail, of each aspect of the composition. If the beat was imperfect, unfinished and 10 minutes long, he would still listen to it in one ride, gone into the world of sound, when he heard the potential, not the imperfection, causing him to say what one can only wish to hear. I wasnt an experienced producer, i had no clue and all my creations had imperfections, yet he heard what i heard - we were so so similar and that's why we both dreamed of becoming "Techno-Stars"! Haha, we always said this cheering up, laughing about our running gag, yet what really cheered us up was the fact, that we both were the same kind of dreamer and believer totally serious about every dream and believe! We believed in the sound as art, and we believed in what we felt, the love that just needed to be shared with the world.

Most of it happened before my personal breakthrough of becoming a producer able to create "perfection", with still imperfections of course and forever, but for us, this was the goal, the dream, these worked out manifestations of love for everyone to be carried away!
ut most importantly to mention: I had my personal breakthrough because of him, when he gave me records of him playing his Hang asking me to remix it to something he didnt needed to put in words - I knew, and yet i didnt know if i could. And if i didnt know, how could he know? Be he believed in me! So this was the highest honor for me, that he trusted his  precious really meaningful drum-melodies in my hands and heart, to come together before i even really knew i was ready for remix projects. And tthis made me ready, to create something great for him, for us, for our dream.

When he heard it, he was blown away, he couldnt process it by a new level i reached with this creation, better than he expected - this was his sound finally implied the way he always dreamed.

Sadly he never got to hear more of my sounds, like the one below that i created after his death in memory of him. It had a special moment i now cut out because it was young me voice-over, but  i want it still-young-old me voice-over for the version to be downloaded by the whole world :) Need to find time, just started to write a book. The original you can find in here somewhere :)

His unconditional support made me become great in everything.

I love you so much!

I WAS...

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