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If you are under age 18, ask your parents if this poetry is genius.

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I have seen an Angel!

I know, i know...

This time its different, literally.

But i am not in love, because i am a ghost,

i'll leave it with a toast: crisp and clean,

golden and sauce: maybe sweet, maybe hot,

but not too, just enough so it Burns,

like the guy from the Simpsons - Unreachable!

He desires him, he does,

even though they created this tale way in the past.

Now we are here, i am near, you are the last.

I wish you would drown from the sponge on your chest,

yes, i would clean you, your imperfect skin.

You would sink and i would dive in!

"Savior" i wont be called by you,

i am just playing with words, cuz i dont know what to do.

How can i solve this?

how can i be with you?

how can i fucking be with you, please can someone tell me?

I guess never.

But your smile will always be with me,

try to keep it, until you are 103.

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Ist this Waste of Time?


Maybe, maybe not?

No, its just stupid.




Dont wait for the rhyme,

i am lost in that word i cant even define!
This is an accident, it just happend, things happen,

things move, things are, they arent not, gahdamnit

this girl is so hot! It's survival!

Time defined is: dying! The opposite is: No.

Unbelievable, isnt it? I hope you follow,

now you know the answer!

I am meant to love, so that

i can solve A to B-like-Binary to Z.

Cant you just love me back?

What's to lose, tomorrow we are dead.




I am trying. I am trying.

Trying, then scream.


Cool down, or your mainproject

is gonna turn a flop.


I am gonna count till 3, okay Mathilda?

Then it's gonna be

you and me,

like friendship and shit - Start:



Now you,

it's gotta be you,

it's gotta be true!

And then we will get the nobelprize in friends,

trust me, this is my Prophecy.

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