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If you are under age 18, ask your parents if this poetry is genius.

This room was opened on 26. October 2021, finally. 

I always wanted to start to share my poetry, just didn't get it in between,

because of the way i want to present art: always connected to much more,

new artwork - I dont have time for atm fighting for a home and rights. 


There will be more and more Poetry in this room,

new and "old" ones (so many) also funny ones,

and art to it when i am safe.

Feel free to ask me questions about these first shared pieces

where-ever you find me, insta, or email.

For a whole book filled with poetry visit the eggy-movement room

and open the PDF, my first book in english language "Imperfect".




Pokerface, smoker lungs!

Fatness, sadness!

Lies and truth, all is up to you.

I am good in bed.

I know everything.

I need an exorcism like Arnie!

I always wanted to be in the Armee.

My last name is Bench,

my brand is gonna be Supertrend,

my favorite movie is Supertramp.

I am a killer, i murdered so many

and i dont regret any, except of

that spider in the train.

Yet I hate Spiders, i even scream.

I was a bodybuilder, i loved to train.

Now i only think of fame,

but in a good way.

I am convinced: the greatest mint in the world,

too cool to be true!

And when i touch you, you will know -

like that Alien from the Movie "Paul".

Watch it and watch out, seriously,

they gonna hire me!

They gonna desire me, my body in paint,

i will be green and naked and curse like a saint

from another star, finally allowed to be me.

Everyone will see,

i will open doors no man has ever felt,

you will call me "My Held", which means "Hero",

and finally we can all melt and become zero

plus one.


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