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Against Discrimination/Pathologization


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Victim of Abuse of Psychology?

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The Movement is simple: just use and/or wear the symbol in any way you can, 
it will be a shield one day. 

All the texts here (includ. actual solutions like "Individual Integration") are for rhetorical use, for those concerned, or victims of abuse of psychology. But who is victim? Humanity! Psychology itself
is the discovery of untouchability! Calling a shield against laws "Science" makes sure Evolution is blocked! 
More scientific articles to that on Ingopedia, the only enzyclopedia of fundamental reality - highly recommend to read my paper about where we are (third dimension) and what we are - share it, would be very helpful for all of us, humanity.

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Pathologisierung ist eines der größten Probleme der Menschheit.

Wenn es eines der größten Probleme ist, wieso habt ihr dann noch nie davon gehört? Genau deshalb ist es ja so ein großes Problem! Diejenigen, die darüber berichten müssten, gehören zu den starken der Gesellschaft. Und die wirklich schwachen, hört und sieht man nirgends mehr nachdem sie diskriminiert und pathologiert wurden, sie verhalten sich dann nicht mehr entsprechend der inoffiziellen Kriterien der Starken, um einer Berichterstattung wert zu sein. Hört die Aufnahme...

Pathologisierung = Als-Krankhaft- 

Einstufung von: Persönlichkeit, Individualität, Abweichungen einer "Norm", Intelligenz oder berechtigter Schwäche, wie zB. als nicht-integrierter- bzw. nicht-individuell-integrierter Mensch, oder auf Grund undiagnostizierter körperlicher Leiden.

Symbol auf Kleidung = Schutzschild in der Zukunft


             Die Reise zum Mittelpunkt des Suizid


Ist ein illustrations-reiches Buch (1, unten als PDF) oder (2.Bald Hörbuch-Version).(Kurzgeschichte/Biografie/Drama/Kunst/Motivation/Hoffnung), der Grundstein der Bewegung und erzählt Eggys Reise.  Hier geht es um mich aber alle sind "Eggy" (= zerbrechlich, wenn jemand so stark drauf tritt..)



Die Geschichte erzählt vom Traum zweier Freunde und Künstler gemeinsam an der Kunsthochschule studieren zu wollen. Jedoch wird es nur einer von ihnen versuchen können - Eggy. Doch ehe er es versuchen kann, wird er schwer krank, Seine Stoffwechselorgane können keine Nahrung mehr verarbeiten und seine verzweifelte Suche nach Hilfe beginnt. Bereits nach einem Monat erklärt man ihn für psychotisch krank und versucht in daraufhin in die Psychiatrie einzuweisen. Er flieht, die Suche geht weiter - so wie auch die Versuche um jenen Traum - obwohl er hungern muss um zu überleben und immer kränker wird. Jede Instanz des Systems erschwert ihm sein Leben zusätzlich, bis Eggy zum Bettler wird und auch seine Mieten nicht mehr zahlen kann.


                                 Die Reise jetzt lesen oder anhören

Ladez  it


Evolution - Imperfect

free book about my story that lead to this Movement and to everything else in the VIMOSA

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For VIMOSA rent and in the future,  for any cost resulting when protecting lives from discrimination/pathologisation. Printing clothes with the symbol, a shield, sometimes maybe it needs way more money to pay lawyer or whatever will be required in official Movement cases here introduced in the future.

Thank you to everyone supporting.


             Die Bewegung zum Paradies (real)

           1)   Meine Hilfesuche seit 2015: 

                    Ich stelle mich vor

                    Infektion, ende..


                 Eggy-Bewegung ohne Krieg, 

                 ersehnte Integration, Selbstzweifel

           2)   Lösung - Patientendiskriminierungsprvävention:

                     Gesetzlich einheitlicher Fragebogen zur Patientenaufnahme,

                     welcher, in folgenden Anamnesegesprächen, Fragen mit                                     Diskriminierungspotenzial vorbeugt. (Die zudem verb. verbot. werden)


           3)  Drei Fallbeispiele für den Arztbesuch der Zukunft

                    Sehr lesenswert... hörenswert...

           4)  Was bislang in allen Ausbildungen vergessen wurde

                "Eine erfundene Maschine wird auch so konstruiert, dass                      sie nach der Probefahrt nicht zum sofortigen Tode führt. Wir                  haben den Menschen nicht erfunden aber wir haben                              Gesellschaft erfunden..." (Ingopedia/Metaphern)

           5)  Diskriminierung/Pathologisierung überall

                   Erlebnisse: Ämter, Kassen, Versicherungen,  

                   Hochschule, Verlage, Journalisten, Medien.

                  "Ich hoffe deren Kinder erfahren eines Tages von mir"

           6)  Meine Visonen, ganz einfach zum Paradies

                    Es gibt ihn!


                    - Absolut einfachste Lösung für das Ende aller                                                  Pathologisierung /Diskriminierung (Win-Win)

Anker 4
Anker 2

The first (first after me) official represented-by-me/eggy movement case:
A women,
who listened to my music on soundcloud,

wrote me (her sufferings) telling me about her case - not knowing "it's pathologization": she had a car accident and since suffers chronic pains but doctors dont take her serious/ dont believe her - typical case!) 
And that those doctors, who commit these crimes to her can be held accountable NOW !
That means a victim will provide me with her/his story, what happend, and information about the person(s) (doctors/casemanagers, anyone!) who commited/commit these crimes of abusing psychology/creating false reality.

I will publish it (journalism + special new evolution power of the movement and all reality (nature) to it.).

Once its published
the victim can refer to (refer to reality!) and they will have to deal with me, if the abuse doesnt stop - And the more delusion and crimes they provide me, the more I will record and publish, and the higher becomes the chance for more journalism of others and the higher the chance
these lifedestroyers lose their damn job! They can also simply stop the crimes and do a good safe not psychology abusing job that helps the patient/client.

So I told wrote the women who wrote me her case that I have this movement and what I can do. I gave her the official email and told her, if she wants to try that, to write me there - she did! 

Thats when I designed a first email-concept how to do that 
(that I can now use for every other case :).
he agreed to be introduced in the Eggy Movement room. But between each email was always alot of time (she struggles hard in life because of these doctors who destroyed her life). And for  like 1,5 years I have not heard of her again. 

Did she change her mind about going public, as the answer-force (Eggy Movement) is totally world new and has not much to show for?
not much but me: the first ever survivor of something that cant be survived - which is why the word untouchability eixte(ed). So you cant survive it unless you outevolve it and create the solution against untouchability!

How did I survive?
I stood my ground (REALITY)at all times, unwaving and in the first place determined to publish, hold accountable and CHANGE THE HORRIBLE WRONG PRIMITIVE WORLD!
I documented everything, I even recorded on sound -
 I did journalism!
Most importantly:
I am not afraid but actually i am very very looking forward for the public in these cases! And that is what I ask every victim or
 affected to think about: I am looking forward! I DO NOT FEAR ANY DOCTOR THE SLIDEST BIT! Because I am more powerful, reality is more powerful.This power is nature, its simply: TRUTH!
And I (Truth) is unbreakable: no doctor, no psychology abusing freak will ever stand a chance against me in any arguments. They will simply suddenly face intelligence, reality. And if they have a single functioning braincell they will STFU glad that their rain of insanity, a web of lies so crazy that horror movies are made about actually, will be over! 

Sadly, as long I was and am isolated, I cant protect myself!
But I sure tried:Yep, I actually respresented myself and wrote letters to these criminals in behalf of myself, calling myself "my client"
See, I can do that 100% safe, because the words I sent to them are TRUTH - and if no one protects me, than it had to be me. 
In my case I could only SURVIVE, but I could not protect myself from their crimes = they commited these crimes for many years and all I could do is endure, but never stop it, because the whole system connects to it and the whole system, whole society tortured me.All I can do in isolation is strand my ground, protect reality, and wait until mankind finds me. In all other cases, your case, I actually can protect. I will contact these power abusers for you, I will deal with them, I will hire a lawyer (donations for) and we will win in court because the judge is going to be blown away (they will be proud of me. The whole world will see a miracle and laugh in the end, that all it takes: truth. Even with an incompetent old-world-crime-protector-judge, I will still serve justice, and that will be the mindblow.I have more life experience than people will ever realize. I was in every thinkable crazy system invented bad situation against the innocent, with a mind working fundamentally different than 100% of the rest of my kind (no offense). I documented most of my life, all stories can be found! The point here is: I lived and live my theories, I am not a dreamer, a thinker without acting, but I actually applied my powers, successfully. That is HOW I am here performing like only super privileged after a lifelong torture?! I am better than ever in everything, and that is because I am living the cure, and I am providing (also building) it, the SAFE future for humanity.And now get this: Its safe even for them, the criminals, because I dont fight them, I simply protect victims! Instead of fighting, we will be TRANSITIONING them into new jobs of a safe new system of individual Integration (as actual science! Again: Psych = absolutely not science but purely made up unconstitutional delusion! Individual Integration on the other hand? Think about it: You are being integrated based on your strenghts & no body looks at your HUMAN NATURAL "weaknesses" (genetical OMFG!) - by that all that damage our present world (outside of vimosa) creates is being prevented. Western world people will simply be integrated and busy. Third World people will have by that WAY more support to also life a life in dignity and mostly safe, by a generally healthy and functioning western society and new world order (the good order, protection, unity (big family)!).In the new world nobody is going to be cut by dangerous power abusing human-robots anymore. And whatever bleeding remains, that is part of natural life: we are fucking mortal, we die! And on the way to death we have all sorts of pain, which is all absolutely completely normal and there is no better way to deal with any of it than being individually integrated= If you ever get back on track after losing your child, than its because there is this place that needs you with people who need you (all now are individually integrated = best possible work environents, all meant to do that, all naturally getting along, friends). So your work place is no longer some shit for the damn dime, but its your life, its what drives you, its what your brain needs, then when this new world exists. And those who cant mentally return to all what their brain needs, they might kill themselfes and that is okay : You only have one life, if your child dies, you dont have to recover, its human. But IF anything gets you back at it: individual integration, safe place with safe people in safe society.

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