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Iso =

Books of tomorrow since yesterday

Count:      13 (12 GER)    + X planed


So far there is only 1 english book available "Imperfect".


Prices = FREE 

Distant Future Goal: All my books translated

+ Audiobooks/Audiomovies (animated background, like movies without pictures)


When privileged write 1 book = big change in status!

When the streetkid who barely made school by a reading writing handycap during life and death jumps in evolution, finishes 13 books = "...Shouldnt be even talking to such like you!" (Publisher)

.... begger.

Whatever i wrote about in my books, i wrote history. 

Here are some interesting things i do with our blury languages (sharpening language)

Schreibmaschine translates "Typewriter"

yet the german word implies "machine", and that's me, i am a writing machine, fueled by soul. I have finished only 13 books, but overall, i am writing non stop since 2015 in all directions of my abolities, multiple movies, docu-projects, quizshows-nobody-ever-saw and other unseen series, comedy and long comedy-performances for hours of stand-up, summerys of my work (PDF up there - german), scientific works, Ingopedia, or sudden-long-pandemy-paper, and a quadrizillion ideas, concepts, poetrys, and last but not least a thousand crys for help.

Overview of my Works

1.  Dying Empathie Teil 1 - Niemals Lügen 

Genre: Biografie-Fiktion, Drama, True Love

Words: ~72000

Entstanden: 2015, in 21 Tagen 

2.  Dying Empathie Teil 2 - Alles auf Anfang

Genre: Biografie-Fiktion, Drama

Words: ~51000

Enstanden: 2015, in 2 Wochen (Eine davon im Krankenhaus)

3.  Letabu Teil 1 - Relativ Verdammt 

Genre: New-Age-Unterschichsts-Alltags-Abenteuer-Komödie, (Romance), Multi-Kulturell.

Words: ~60000

Entstanden: Anfang 2016, in 3-4 Wochen 

4.  Letabu Teil 2 - System Ende

Genre: N-Age-Abenteuer-Komödie, Romance

Worte: ~65000

Entstanden: Anfang 2016, in 4-6 Wochen

5.  Olivia & Abel  "The Barrets" - Tei l 

Genre: Action, Romance

Worte: ~70000

Entstanden: Mitte 2016, in 4-6 Wochen

6.  Hilfe

Genre: Biografie

Words: ~ 44000

Entstanden: Anfang 2017, in unter 2 Wochen

7.  Die Exorzisten Bande

Genre: Abenteuer

Words: ~118000

Entstanden: Mitte 2017, in 5-6 Wochen

8.  Dying Empathie Teil 3 - Die Violine

Genre: Biografie-Fiktion, Drama, Love, Art

Words: ~115000

Entstanden: Mitte 2017, in 6 Wochen.

Mitte 2018 komplett überarbeitet + 4 Wochen.

9.  Der Dater - Die Trying

Genre: Dramödie

Words: ~77000

Entstanden: Ende 2017, in ca 3-4 Monaten

Kommentar: Die erste professionelle Dramödie aller Zeiten.

10. Die Reise zum Mittelpunkt des Suizid

Genre: Illustrierte Kurzgeschichte, Biografie, Survival-Drama, Motivation

Words: ~23000

Entstanden: Ursprünglich Anfang 2018, in 3 schlaflosen Tagen, als "Reise z.M.d.Kunsthochschule" (inklusive 40+ Illustrationen). 2019 überarbeitet in 3 Wochen zur heutigen RzMdS.

11. Eisenwald Klinik Teil 1 - Die Silhouette des Bösen

Genre: Extreme-Thriller, Drama, Nature, Stblzr

Words: ?

Entstanden: ...

12. Evolution - Imperfect

Genre: Evolution, Biografie, Enzyklopedie der Weisheit

Words: ca. 120000

13. ??????

Genre: Rätsel


Entstanden: Seit Mitte 2019


VIMOSA is a saveroom! 

I will never abuse the power of words, but share it, so that it can save more lives.

Take time.


Hope i grow old.


Iso/Schreibmaschine                                                         5/2021


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