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New Failsave RELEVANTS Concept.



Not- or Not-yet-Artists have shared Profiles, like the shared rooms in VIMOSA. This means every person out there can add Art for the Relevants introduced - that so far is only Samiya. I dont know if she and her mother and 3 young siblings are still alive, all went homeless! :(

But still, especially to remember her and honor her for that this free concept wouldn't exist without her, create Samiya art of any style, to be used for her Profile (send links to where you uploaded photos/videos, or send download-links). 

Art Example: I have just started the Series "Puzzle Of Peace" with the first piece "Hand of Samiya". So you could create another Puzzle-piece for her or someone introduced in the future. 

This way we create more exposure for the RELEVANTS, and for example their fundraiser. Name your art always with the name of the Relevant.

This concept creates ongoing support and hope: If a FS-Relevant, a person in need of help, sees more art being added, it means: integration, people caring, it means it's wonderful.

And if you, the creator of the Relevants-art sell that art, you could if you like donate the money (or % of it) to (donation button is connected to ) - give a note "For Failsave".

Read about the donation-concept: it's also new to humanity, it's incredible: this way it's truly not about one person, but always about all = equality.



1st Equality Unity  based on people

Since VIMOSA opening in 11.Jan. 2020, Failsave is the 1st ever Concept to integrate unprivileged/unknown ARTISTS equal next to privileged/known artists, sharing fame: all

profiles in FS = one exhibition, all equal important.

Since June 2021 the concept is the ultimate solution i failed to see in the beginning because it needed Samiya: Now also not-artists in need of help, here called RELEVANTS will be part., and it will still be about art with shared-room-profiles (its so great, read green box below).

Read more about the Vision (klick).


ARTISTS will be invited or can apply.

RELEVANTS cant apply, only be invited (it'd be too much for me). BUT NOW GET FREAKING THIS: RELEVANTS is a concept within the concept, that was meant for humanity to be decoded, simply: Making "irrelevant"-humans relevant by connecting to relevant art/Artist (Artists who chose that) - Read more below and in Samiyas Profile.

Failsave is building on trust.

I will have no rights over the artists art or stories ever. 

Applying is simple: send me links to your art to and write a few sentences, not much, just something that you think is worthy (funny examples below)

In case you will be selected, you will be part

of the VIMOSA growing progress - My growing "fame" will be your growing "fame" ("fame" e.g = Integration). In case you already have "fame", you will be important part of the vimosa unity-/equalness-progress.

Thanks to everyone supporting equality

Anker 3

Are there forgotten animation-movie-programmer-talents out there? I have a dream that could become our dream. 

If you need help creating

an artist-logo let me know

All about Art - Apply




Failsave - First introduced Artist
     (A homeless: the base for FS)

Anker 1
Anker 2
worldy hot air balloon 2 colours.png
worldy hot air balloon 2 colours.png

"She is a good example for FS but i would only ever join anyone if it's truly coming from them based on a need. So i am just creating some fantasy here that shell not influence or pressure some famous people to join - I dont aim for the famous, i want to make sure we Unprivileged, especially the gifted simply get to live what we are born for, and for that we need equality in general in this world. "

Emma and i lead the same lifestyle:
laying in bed every day until suddenly BOOM

          Admit it, you love it :)

You all know that i am a former homeless right?

So if a famous artist would participate here, it would mean: the highest class and the lowest class together = equality now shooting through the vains of humanity like a vaccine, or like a Worldy!

Can joining ever be bad for someones image?

Yes, you will be labeled "evil equality witch" and no longer get the cover on the magazines, because they need the space for Iso & The Worldys, the new sex symbols :D

Simple case

There could be someone living in upper class unhappy about all that what is happening to us in the lower class. So why not join here, you dont need to be artist, you could also pretend to be artist and everyone is a storyteller. 

I send Failsave Shirts for free

If i can afford it. At the moment i could send 1 shirt a month :D, 1 shirt total, not 1 per person, just 1 single shirt - And i could still miss that money at the end of the month. But in the better future with donations...


A Failsave shirt is an eye-catcher, an Equality outing

You dont have to wear it, but if, prepare for Papazazi! "There is one of them Worldys! Get him!"

Some guy: "Cant you read? It's one of them Failsavers!"

Paparazzi: "I can read! You clearly cant read! Visit the VIMOSA and find out! This Iso guy makes them Worldyholics, so their drug cant be far! Worldys! Put put put put! Where are you?"

Some guy: "Follow me into this dark alley, i'll show you!"

- Paparazzi runs away in fear.


One minute later:

the some-guy guy is walking into the dark alley, where 500 Worldys are crowding, stuck, blocking the sunlight.

Some guy: "Sorry guys! These Failsavers are confusing the world, equality is just so new. Next time learn from the humans mistakes, that swarm behavior never works, will always get you stuck! You need to be individuals! FLY MY LITTLE WORLDYS! FL...." suddenly "POW! BOING! DOING! DUFF!" some guy takes some guy out, and comments"There can only be one father of the Worldys!", just to turn to his guys yelling: "FLY MY LITTLE WORLDYS! WORLDYS MY LITTLE FLYS! GODDAMNIT DO THE BLOWFISH!!"

Suddenly a massive collective blow-up-maneuver explosively frees the stucking Worldys, now rising to the sky transforming into hot air balloon - into Paparazzis heaven.

Note: The Worldys are not a product, i am not selling.

But suddenly some paparazzi paparraz after a certain Emma, who is almost stealing the show wearing a worldy outfit on top of the Failsave shirt: Worldy-Earrings, Worldy-Necklace, Worldy Eyephones, Worldy-____ (top secret), Worldy-Socks and a Worldy bag and what is this:



Suddenly a rolling skaters tribe Worldy sneaks into the center of attention and: BOOM BLOWUPFISHES into a hot-air-balloon, ultimately saving Emma taking her for a tour.

Some guy screams "KIDNAPPING" witnissing her taking a nap in the infinitely cosy bed inside the basket -

Now Emma is in heaven while flying into heaven, surrounded by 500 more big Worldy balloons.

Failsave Values Authenticity

I chose Emma as Example for a reason. She is human. Next to vlogs she creates sometimes art, drawings, sometimes she plays drums. Yet since she is not the greatest talent in the world, it's not being exhibited, it ends up just thrown away or whatever she does with it.

Now a wise man once said "The more your painting looks like a photo, the less of you is in it - She probably knows that this wise man is her father. So why not exhibiting this part of her creativity? 

2 Types of Failsave Profiles 

1. Original (created by me based on the wishes of the Artist, or the Artists leaves it up to me)

2. Externally (Yeah... talking about the potential of VIMOSA!)

(read more the infos room).

Emmatime again - Type 1 Profile Example:

So its all business as usual, the both of us laying mostly in bed in our own homes, if i am not just homeless again. Suddenly i get a call of a intense ADHD Emma, who is experiencing a rush of ideas for her profile.

Me: "Emma, Emma listen, stop using your brain, it's not healthy, you see where this leads! I dont care! Okay, i take this back, i care! But you gotta make your Dad create more Worldys, this was the deal, 1 million Worldy paintings! No, this was typo in the application-fun-example, to keep it fun! Yes, the fun is over, this is brutal hard work from here, for me and my sidekick, your Dad, talking your Dad, he is my sidekick now. You? No. Dont cry. No, i am not in love with your... Jesus! Yes, you could become my sidekick instead of your Dad, if you create the 1 million Worldys or if you make 1 million follower create the 1 million Worldys! Jesus Christ at least create one single million Worldys,, i dont know what your problem is here? Why did you even call me, you know the drill!! No, this is not a cult, but this is a great idea for a new Worldy-tribe, the KKKH-Tribe who hates KKK, so they get little hate-signs and the white robes from the comedy movies, that's where i know them from. You brought this up! No, this was your idea! You are brainstorming with probably menstruatiorning! Now you hate me? Then why dont you hang up? I will simply call my sidekick! That's what i thought, you dont have in you to pull the trigger! The trigger, the gah-damn key on your phone! It doesnt have keys? Jesus, i am old. That's why your Dad is the sidekick: simply two old painters. You want to be an old painter too, aha, good luck, you have no idea what you get yourself into here! What it's like? How about "dying cells", huh, does this sound fun?! Just let go of the sidekick thing, some people just dont have what it takes!

You what? Ok you are hired, forget the old man! No, not this bad-forgetting way, just the sudden-stonecold-drop-the-old-guy-sidekick-for-a-billion-Worldys way. You said "billion"! It was "billion"! No, just no, a million doesn't cut it! I don't care what i said before, you came up with a billion, i got hooked and that's the deal! So get cracking, 989 million follower to go! You gotta forhead kiss harder!

I gotta go, good luck kissing the phone into HELL, INTO GAHDAMN HEEEEELL THIS DAMNED ..."

- Emma starts crying

"Aaaah god, i barely said anything, i really kept myself together, one single tiny word of radical reality must be allowed here! Okay okqy you are my new sidekick!

- Emma happy.

You on one side, and your Dad on the other, then i have both sides covered. You and your Dad can have an equal spot in my heart, in Failsave, this is my heart, my organ-heart is already full with Worldys! You should have done your research before calling me every day young lady! But i forgive you and i will create a shared profile for you and your Dad, if this is your wish??

Now i need to focus on some Nobodys! And stop calling me, It's over! Yes i am breaking up with you, the call, the call is broken up. You can call me next time you are sad. What, you are right now sad? Alright, then stay in the line. I will be right back, in some 5-10 hours. Use the time to do you know what, vlogging Woldymania stuff, saving the world so easy, you got this Baby, ehm i mean Emmy, you will win an Emmy or better: a Worldy Award

- Emma freaks out

Jesus, you got some mood swings going! Okay my joke just made it worse. Stop freaking out, this was just hypo... hypo... Okay now she is hyping, not responding. Who could blaim her, the soundtrack and the kid are just too adorable."


Now let's see why i chose Jim Carrey for an application example. We all remember the change... of the evil media!

What the media did, that caused suddenly the greatest Comedian of all times to be dropped by so many people. stonecold. Imagine he was loved by absolutely every human in the world, for good reasons! Imagine how that must have felt for him to be dropped, that of course made this whole normal human awakening intense as HELL!

While he didnt do a damn thing wrong, he just thought about differet things and said super interesting wise things one can only listen to. But hardly anyone listened, too busy judging, that's when he started to shout out things randomly and learned to survive his way!

i suffered so bad with him seeing the world losing respect for him and calling him crazy! 

And i seriously wished to be famous, because i really could have protected him, from abuse of Psychology with "Eggy Movement", and also I even invented a genre, to make transitioning into more aware states discrimination-safe (for both sides, artists and audience) Visit the Comedy room.

Final words:

Everyone can create whatever they want and nobody has got to call me or even care about me. But it would be really really great if this is about the people, actual equality by choice, knowing whoever is going to join here, they deserve as much as you and i and everyone even if one has 20 million follower, it doesnt matter here. I chose these examples with super famous, because i m not less, my depressions is as great as Jim Carreys, my laying in bed is even better than Emmas, and i have fucking finished 12 books within 5 years! Nobody would question me if i had 10 million follower here at this point as the exact same me with: radical truth, depressions, hyperbrain and breaking of unspoken scripts and genres.

Nobody else has ever tried this clash before because it needed me, and therefore one cant claim "You should/ you shouldnt". People cant define a better world, they claim,  but there is no true definition, it's emptyness and resignition. If there was a true definition, we all, all humans, would be in a paradise of fairness and careness.

Every generation has it's great guy and now they get to be equal with me!


Now seriously:  many of my dreams i brought to the real world, and these dreams were truly impossible. I am the first in the world in many things, made it happen - And equality is not impossible at all, i find this dream way more realistic!

Emma, anyone, if they feel a need to do something, try something here, can simply hit me up, have a chat, skype, call, email, whatever - And i tell you we will survive it :D

The clash of ours is not for me, it's actually for humanity - even if we fail it will fucking work in the long run because we are the beginning.

Menderes: "One who trys can lose. One who doesnt try has already lost".



Menderes, wenn du das jemals liest oder es jemand an dich leitet, du bist natürlich herzlich eingeladen! .

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Fictive Application Examples

worldy hot air eyed 1.png
worldy hot  big eyed.png
worldy hot air duo.png
worldy hot air duo.png
worldy hot  big eyed.png
worldy hot air eyed 1.png
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