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Hello IngopediaNS

Here i exhibit knoweledge and perspectives, which were hidden to humanity so far. Its in progress - partly messy, sometimes funny.

If you have any question to "the unexplainable", or want to solve scientific problems, ask me at I will add new rooms to your topics, if it doesnt fit into an existing. 

Ingopedia, every text in vimosa, every books i publish (free), shell be used as material to work with in schools/universitys, to make sure every human learns fundamental reality, crucial to become a safe species.

Miniture Paper "Crime & Punishment"

online backup

Paper Series "Fundamental Reality"

1. Third dimension (former known Universe), inlcuding: Paradox-Perfection-Theory (former known black hole), Labyrinth-Theory (Light) and all the answers everyone seeks.

2. Information-Mistake-Prevention, that will be key-useful to end discrimination fundamentally imbedded in use of language.


Sharpening use of language - like resolution in visual-technology-evolution got sharper -, that will compress new subdefinitions to additional words nessesary to create a more realistic "Picture". For example "Highfrequenced yet swollowed sound of positive/negative emotion" Everyone has done it often, especially as child, yet the word for it was missing. Many many words are missing and i want to add them all (over my lifetime), so that you can actually say what you want to say... that you never could! You think you say what you want, but you dont, trust me. You opened a door in your life, right? NO, you never did! But you keep telling people. Read more in the room ;) Soon there will be starting a funny video series for this, once i found a new home.


3. Metabolisation-Clarification (Higher medical understanding)

For example:undiscovered organ metabol.-catalysator,

improving of blood-examination-individualization and prevention, the absolute future of medicine: detecting and preventing all non bacterial-, viral-, genetical-illnesses! 

To be continued...

It's real

I'm sick of hiding our love! Everyone shell know! Yes we are a couple!

And we belong together!

And noone will come between us!


 AND     SHE      LOVES      ME!  

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