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Any creativity of evolution eversince creates life-formes with protection-functions, only human is unprotected - At least if human defines his protection as "illness/disorder": constantly thinking, doubting, concious-fights and justified depressions, that doesnt go away as long the trigger in society continue. Psychological suffering, even confused human beings, are the evolution itself innitiating through them the cure! The "ill" are the cure!

Here is the most crucial base-knowledge                  for any human being ever to learn.

Discuss in classes about orange market questions.

Why is humanity suffering so much in the time were are living?

Lets start with a visualization of "Value-Phases", representing collective brain-process, shortening time experiences last (erasing values by compression of experiences).

Numbers fictional but true.

Phase 1: Shelter-Phase = 1000 years (Evolves with discovery of fire)

Phase 2: Fire-Phase = 500 years (Evolves with disc. of electricity)

Phase 3: E-Phase = 250 years (Evolves with invention/discovery of Internet)

Phase 4: Web-Phase (= 60 seconds)

Web-Phase1: Discovery-Phase = 5 years 

Web-Phase2: Lost-Phase = Lost years

Web Phase3: Distration-Phase = end of values

Other than any earlier Phase in Evolution, P4 causes exponential addition of subphases, faster and shorter, not even years, now its months/Weeks/days, creating the critical web of distraction = Value (eg. culture/identification) dies. (allows entire new phase)

All human beings ever have to learn in school is the following:

Spectrum of Information (Spec-I) & Absorption-Scale

Spec-I is the entire spectrum of possible information in the third dimension (Third Dimension = entire "Universe", now understood KLICK).

Associated Metaphor through "Spectrum of Emotions". 

Think of emotions, happy/good/positive as intense as it possibly can get.

Think of the opposite emotions, as intense as it possibly can get.

That is the Spectrum of emotions, from max negative, to max positive, with

a middle of nothingness in between. Now the question: Can negative emotions result into even more positive? (Yes is not a correct answer, its hell yeah".

For Information-Absorber (Brains), the potential to absorb a brighter spectrum of Information is connected to Bipolar-Society.

Our species evolution "naturally" (click for absolute clarity) turned divided in "strong and weak", and in later evolution in "rich-poor/ Privileged-Unprivileged".


Everything you have so far experienced in society, all the information provided by human, all ever written by journalists, all ever printed in books/schoolbooks, all the jobs, the structure of it, the presentation to society, all the "professional" work, the content, websites, system and all the things happening in system, any burocracy, absolutely everything was created by privileged people, who were born in the positive Spec-I-absorbtion zone - It does not mean "Positive and negative Information", its just the potential to absorb the connected Spectrum of Information of Reality. Behavior in society was eversince forced to change by the fighting unprivileged, by which they imply "there is something wrong/missing". And yes, there is an entire World missing, the unprivil.-spec side of the following scale of society classes that connects to the potential to absorb the Spec-I-

- 50 %______________________0______________________ 50%

For instance: Science-prize winners, in best case (if not brought through some innovation by nothing but pure luck of the clueless) they lived up to a slidely greater potential to absorb the spectrum of Information, or more precisesly "...of a slidely greater potential to absorb the half of the Spectrum of Information", which is a total of 20-40% of the entire Spectrum of Information - 

Science-prize-winner probably wouldnt be science-prize-winner if they had a greater absorption of the Spectrum of information, even though they would be more intelligent and providing greater results in their field of work -

What does Humanity need: 1.The prize-winner, or 2. Solution for problem?

A person inventing a prize-worthy whatever, will never be useful for humanity itself when having a %-spectrum-absorption only of one side (the privileged side of the scale above), because its system, a lifeless meaningless everlasting force that is using human-bodys, faces and voices.

A person with a % spectrum absorption made of both sides, will be useful for humanity regardless even of any invention, because that person is... nature.

But since any unprivileged can only live into the negative direction and never make use of the absorbed, unless being repositioned by a miracle right of the "zero", or in intelligent case repositioned by him/herself, which is not really possible because...? (Death)


- 50 %_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|__-101_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_ 50% 

Born unprivileged, on the left side at -1, determines by the actual system a life only possible to lead into the left negative direction, where all the bad things happen. The symbols "|" represent closed doors (opened into the negative direction down the drain of life and locked when turning around).

Example: Unprivileged someone abuses drugs by lack of purpose in life, goes through the door(s) to the next worse stage and the person he/she was before is gone - This is why it's hard to move in life into the other direction: the new drug-absuse-self is meant to move further negative, more bad experiences and less chance to be part of the other side, where all the integration happens.

While any privileged, born on the right side at the little 1, they lead a life determined by system into the positive direction, where all doors are opened to the next better stage. Not all doors are "big/great", but every door will be opened (as on the negative side) and one naturally will go through. Other then the unprivileged, the privileged could turn around after going trough a door, since they are not locked, but why giving up integration: success, appreciation, fame, money... better.... more? Only bad decisions, crimes (hopefully punished, since they are all untouchable), will lead the way into the other direction.

Now you know why humanity suffers!


The greatest Spec-I can only be absorbed by the unprivileged.

Sadly unprivileged are doomed!

Yet now, since i survived the impossible by finding and creating solutions not existed, there is very helpful new science.

Suffering Entitelement Paradox (SEP)

Its poor to call it "help" considering that here nature implies helping themselfes, but it can actually save lifes knowing this absolute reality, that  unprivileged are, despite all the horror, entiteled to absorb more, understand more, solve more. But here comes it... how the unprivileged are being controlled and tortured by

Evolution Blocker = Psychology

There will be an entire paper about "Evolution Blocker" in my Paper Series "Fundamental Reality" (publishing, after first paper in known world wide)

One thing any privileged person out there has to know: 

Even if someone would end all the crimes you live as normality, all the using and abusing us for your perfect lifes while we are living in nothingness in front of screens, all the labeling us, even if your little perfect world would be "ended", you would stay privileged! Your life and mind is build on functioning, on knowing people, on having acces, on open doors, opportunities, on FAMILY! You have it all, no matter what. So please just support evolution, you cant lose. How great must that be?

Now read the first paper called "Third Dimension", if you want to know EVERYTHING about where we are and what we are. Hawking would cry reading this, i am sure. I wrote the base to this in 2015 already... Then evolution blockers destroyed me. 

Visit Eggy-Movement room, this is the Movement ending the crimes, all the discrimination, all the pathologisation.

Final Evolution phase 5:

Children-Phase/ fundamental-Reality-Phase

Worldy, the whole crew, they are the VIMOSA-Groundkeepers, in case you didnt know. You can see them all around here and on VIMOSA-Youtube.

Worldy 1.0 , aka "The Fat One", was brought to life shortly after i wrote the "Paradox Perfection Theory" (Black hole) in 2015 (age 26), when i solved decoding the Third Dimension (universe) and labeled this unbelievable happening not only as "unimportant" in my mind, but i even didnt want anything to do with science anymore, since humanitys sufferings would continue. So this was simply logic and suicidalness by at that time missing point of identification (all i do today) was natural. But Worldy and then the whole crew lead me the way.

In the following years the Worldy-Crew grew without any plan of growing the crew. The breakthrough was 2020, when i finally came out, brought them outside, didnt hide anymore, when i was was finally me - without any identification-problem manifesting innocence naturally, all based on higher logic as the fuel for the fuel, the soul.

I am unprivileged, this is my base and so i fail all the things you do as normal in system, absolutely all of them, i can barely open a letter without thoughts whishing to be dead. I had to learn to "live" with it but that level of abuse of information ("Intouchability-cover" - scientificly) i will never be able to proess, its a crime, it should not be possible, not be allowed.

(read Young & Old this is the best ive ever written)

So lets all look forward to WORLDY MANIAAAAA!

Thank you for reading this fundamental world changing education, brought to you by evolution. 

Iso, Soul.

And The Worldys.

Unprivileged          privileged       

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Humanity Value Phases.png
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