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"Trend", thats how i named him. He is the the most requested political member of all times, only he stucks in there eversince.

"Playfair" is rare and Impact ist that heavy, that it only leaves the politician throught the gut, during the eating-orgy, at the Partey, der "SyncopateY". The Fingers remain covered in fat, until the next will be smeered accidential- Friendship, thats the politicians honor-Caudex.  And never forgett to smile, because of the Reklame, boulevard, eyes are everywhere, only theire are closed - they are blind, blinder, Belinda.

"Ohhhh Linda" Memorys from the times as schooler shoot through my mind, i gotta tell you that! It was Libre (Love) at first sight! She was absolutely my Type! Whenever i saw her, i simply Condensed and thought to myself "Sacramento! Sacreblow! Tre manifique!". Okay, i didnt think that - How could i as a language-handycaped? While other children were already frankophil at that time.

But i always asked myself, if Linda was Open for everything, talking Dancing and stuff, because i was the breakdancer - every break i danced of joy!

She was good in riding, i knew that of somebody who watched her riding - I didnt do it! Yet if she also was a Jockey,  that i dont know. Her life was all about her Horse, i just couldnt compeed with that guy. So, her family was financially well off,  while  i didnt even had the money to buy her a Rose.

I belieeve after school she studied Jura (Law) and her parents bought her a place, couple hundred-k... Or were that the other horse-riders in class, in school, because hey also got along pretty Verdana (damn) well in and after school, while i became suicidal. All my former school mates from financially stronger familys studied: if MONOTON  like Roboto 

or critical rebellious questioning the Questrial, i have no idea, dont have any Overlook. However, being IN is everything, and tomorrow there will be Wardrobe and  Lobster, cause they are invited to the Syncopatey!. I personally find this Grotesk, poor Lobsty! Noticia: I am hungry, seriously, always! Why? Because nobody wanted to helve (help), when i got severly ill (2015).


First of all every child will get a horse at first day of school, riding lessions and money for Roses to be able to successfully crash with the crush (like friendship with holding hands!!!). After that, there will be a one-time sports test: Schoolbook-far-throwing, and afterwards there will be every day 6 hours of elitary Lessions in - and only in -: Playfair Roleplaygame  Children playing the actual reality, with the goal to eliminate "fictivity".

True to the motto of every Politician, esepcially TREND: "A little fun must be", i wanted to provide something special here, more than just announcing the greatest System-Reformation in history, which i want to write a book about, to lay it all out!

But first i have to write 2 other books, one of which will be called "Evolutionjiump".

Yet before i need existential Security!

written 6/2019

Visit Ingopedia-evolution if you want to read the scientific version of privileged/unprivileged, including the connected absorbtion of the spectrum of Information. What do you think, who is meant to be more intelligent and why?


Nobody could ever form in words why humanity actually suffers, why all this is the "way it is"... I decode everything and i hope Linda is proud of me! I hope ya all are proud of me.


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