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If you are under age 18, ask your parents if this poetry is genius.


Il Mio Amore for Mermaid Transition

In honesty, you wont like my words,

dont read this poetry, it will cut you like swords!

My words come across like a cross on 

your grave, it's gonna overrun you like a wave,

push and wield you around, keep you from breathing,

entrapp you on the ground where no man can exist,

unless you are a Mermaid. 

So you better grow a tail and get rid of the old -

it doomed you anyways, entrapped you like that wave!

Here it comes, remember: i tried my best to keep you safe, 

i did, i really did, i love to protect before i hit! 


Are you ready, did you get rid of your tail?

Okay Mermaid, here comes the truth: "I will soon hate you"

think of that next time someone tells you these 3 "magical" words.

At least now you know why it always hurts. 


I am sorry, i dont want to leave you depressed,

i dont want you to be a slimey mess in a shiney dress, 

a whiney weinerless guest on my poetry slam, 

i want you to be a man! 

Tell your Mermaid: I got rid of my penis for you!

He is gonna love you forever

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