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The Floaters

          The Floaters

      - A Galaxys Tale -



One day, in the far far distant future, millions of years from now, when the errored 3-Dimensional Universe is restored from a safety-copy with the Paradox-Perfection-Restoration-Thang by some transparent beings, the "Floaters", they will start to travel through the old old and almost forgotten Third-Dimension, not knowing what to expect.

After many tiny lightyears of traveling, the Floaters discover and collect some strange critical particals outa space and start to restore. One incredible long second later, they are "holding" a tiny version of a beautiful planet infront of there floating floats. The leader instantly zoomes with his mind inside, absorbing all restorable information within a blink of a float and suddely telepatically screams "ITS J-C'S PLACE! ITS J-C'S PLACE! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT SHIT! WOOOHO! J-C FOR EVER" and all the billion Floaters around agree and start floating the greates honor-parade of all universes.

                - to honor Jim Carrey -


After a few thousand years the Float-Parade takes a break for the first time, just to pee and do stuff Floaters do. Soon they realise they're trapped inside the 3D-Universe forever! "Could have come worse" they think because at least they are where it all began, so that they settle down, accidently pressuring the Milkyway like a cows udder, skeazing out more and more hidden information. But instead of studying they are kind of distracted by something.

           Mini-Episode 1 - Space Ventura

"Yo Floaty! Should we hang out in the 3D-Ingo or rather the NoD-Ingo?".

"You Moron! Be quiet finally! The commercials are almost over, just a few thousand Sunblockers left, so shhhhs!".

"Floaty, listen, we should try the NoD-Ingo, I gotta good floating 'bout it!".

"Float damned! Have you ever had fundamental Ingo 2.0 Class? The NoD-Ingo is gonna unlimit the shit outa us! It's too much floating! If I can't handle it, then certainly you are the last Float who can! Look at you, you're already floating like an Alcohol-Galaxy!".

"But Floaty, you know the failing rates of Ingo 2.0! Its not like I havent tried a few million times! So where we gonna float then?"

"Shhhhh! Float it! The movie is starting!".

"But Floaty, arent you sick of those? We have already watched them few billion times! And This new Galaxy-Screen Resultion with this quadrizillion Stars is really not what they promised, I'm not floating with it!".



"You should know that I can't shut it! There is nothing to shut! You shut it! Wtf?! Hahahahah this Space Ventura Guy, gets me every time!".

"Hahhaha, you see, I told ya! HAHAHA!".


5 Lightminutes later

"Do you always have to floart that load?!".

"It was just a little Supernova! Thought noone would recon!".

IVH3                    21-06-2   19

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